Sunday, July 25, 2010

Howard Dean is a Liar

Here is a story about Howard Dean's appearance on "Fox News Sunday," in which he flat-out lies.

The crime is that the only way you can know he is lying is if you actually WATCH Fox News. So everyone that doesn't watch Fox would likely just take what Dean says at face value because he is a party big-shot, and would then be walking around misinformed -- intentionally lied to.

Dean is following the typical lib playbook: If someone is right and you're wrong, you can still beat them by slinging mud; and no mud is as tasty to a liberal as a charge of racism.

I watch Glenn Beck's show. He's irritating sometimes, and a little too emotional at other times. But I will tell you this with certainty: I have never heard him call for violence, I have never heard him say or endorse anything racist. I've asked people, after they tell me Beck is a racist, to find me the clips. But they haven't, because there are none.

POLITICO: Dean: Fox News “racist” - POLITICO Live - Dean: Fox News “racist”