Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Which candidate gets the bigot vote?

I found this little gem this morning:

(CNN) DOVER, New Hampshire -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney
got less than a warm welcome on the campaign trail this week. Romney stopped by a restaurant in Dover, New Hampshire to greet customers. But when he tried to
say hello to one diner, he got a cold reception. Patron Al Michaud said, "I'm one
person who will not vote for a Mormon." Romney asked if he could shake Michaud's hand anyway and was told no. Michaud later told reporters at the diner that he supports Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.
Lovely. I can't help but wonder what other ethnic/religious groups Mr. Michaud is intolerant of. Do you think he would vote for a Jew, or a black man? Either way, it's enlightening to see what candidate -- and what party -- can count on the bigots' vote.

Republicans, the party the left wing would have you think are the fascists, racists and oppressors, are the ones who are OK with Romney's religious beliefs.

Mr. Michaud's ignorance is a glowing example of the mindset of religious fanaticism that keeps the Mideast in turmoil -- rather than cast his vote for the man or woman he thinks can do the best job, he automatically discounts a candidate based on his religion -- he won't even shake the hand of a Mormon!

I find it rather amusing that this bigot's choice is Hillary Clinton, and the party that tries to pass itself off as being the people with the open minds.

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