Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Quick Religious Thought

I'm watching a History Channel show, "How Life Began." It's very good, I recommend it.

Part of the show talks about Charles Darwin and "The Origin of Species." According to some commentators, the book discusses the process through which species evolve, but not the origin of life itself, making for a decent mesh with a creationist theory.

At any rate, Darwin believes species evolve basically through sexual reproduction.

So I thought, some people believe that God created man in his image, and that can be divisive in a multi ethnic world.

But, if the two ideas mesh together, then eventually, man would be a composite, with the dominant traits from every ethnicity.

Such a composite would be awesome on its own. But on the grand scale that a creator would be ... well, it would be godlike, now wouldn't it?

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