Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yo, Do What Ludacris Tell You to Be Doin', Yo

Here's a link to a story and a sound file of the new Ludacris "song" -- and I use that word loosely -- in which he supports Sen. Barack Obama for president over the "irrelevant bitch" Hillary Clinton.

You know, I think most rappers are just glorified thugs, and Ludacris is no different.

I think it's funny that Ludacris and others support Obama, like they have some connection to him because he's the same color. But the big difference is that Obama has succeeded in life because he's NOT like Ludacris or these other illiterates with microphones. He succeeded because he DIDN'T spend his life chasing shiny things and women who do the rump shake.

I find it hilarious, the portion of Obama's support from blacks, purely because he's black. Geraldine Ferraro had it right when she said he wouldn't be in the race if he was not black -- Obama could get on stage and talk in a made-up language, dressed in a Speedo, and there's still a huge bloc that would support him purely because he's the same color as they are, and another huge bloc that will support him because they've fallen victim to the "white guilt."

And I can't really blame them, if I was black I would be excited to vote for a black candidate because it's a historic thing.

The guilt thing, I don't get, because being white has never helped me in life -- in fact, the only time color has affected my life, it was in a negative way.

But at the same time, it's unnerving that Obama can basically ride a wave of support that has nothing to do with his policy, because I've heard people voice their support for him and they have NO idea what it is he stands for, or what he plans to do.

Just because Obama's black doesn't mean that suddenly the nation is going to shift to some magical way of moving -- taxpayers are still going to get robbed of their earnings, and anything Obama wants to do is still going to have to go through Congress, which means not a whole lot is going to change.

If anything, the big thing I see in an Obama victory is an end to the griping that America is a racist nation and that "blacks have no chance at success so why try" ... If Obama is elected, any time some ignorant thug says he steals and rapes because he has no choice will simply be told, "Hey, we have a black president, so your theories are full of crap. Now go get a job."

The bad thing is that if Obama doesn't win the election, you know it's going to be blamed on "racism" ... and it barely has anything to do with color -- even if the GOP had a black candidate, there would be liberals pushing blacks to say the GOP candidate isn't "really" black, like they do with Condi Rice and Colin Powell. Two amazing Americans, and they're criticized because they don't do "fist-bumps" or admit to having Ludacris on their iPod, I guess.

It all just makes me cringe. I'm in a tough spot because I definitely don't like Obama, and I don't like McCain, either. I think neither of them has ME in their plans as anything other than a source of funding.

But that's Congress' fault, too. I long for the day that we have actual "representatives" in Congress, people that know what it's like to lose 30% of your earnings to taxes and then not have enough money to pay bills. If I was earning $160G a year, I'd gladly give up 30% because I'd still have way more than I do now.

But I don't. I'm screwed no matter who gets elected.

We all are. Well, most of us. Some folks are going to be just fine, but it ain't you or me.

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Karen Olson said...

Obama's been accused of not being "black enough." He's also been accused of being an "elitist." Like all those rich politicians and previous presidents aren't. I'd rather have an "elitist" and someone smart in that Oval Office than a beer chugging redneck.

Obama was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He's worked with communities in Chicago where poverty reigns. He knows what it's like. Has he said some stupid things? Yeah, sure he has. Has he done some stupid things? yeah. There isn't anyone perfect for this job, but Obama's real appeal is total change from what we've had for the last eight years. Sixteen years, even. People are fed up, and seem to be willing to give a guy they're not 100 percent sure about a chance. Because same old/same old ain't cutting it. And we've got two choices here...the young guy or the old guy. McCain's too old for me. He's yesterday. Obama is today.