Monday, June 21, 2010

Obama Analysis from Washington Examiner

This isn't a partisan hit piece, but rather a reasoned explanation of some of the Obama administration's mistakes.

Finding links between politicians and people who give those politicians money is always intriguing to me, especially when those links seem to influence policy to go against the interest of the nation in favor of those links, because it shows the need for (a) removal of such politicians from office and (b) the need for campaign finance reform.

If we want the government to act in the interests of the common man, then we need common men in charge. It really is that simple. There are so many smart, honest, trustworthy people out there in our great country that will never have a chance to lead simply because of their circumstances.

And the onus is on us. We technically are still in control; it's just a matter how how and if we act on it.

Obama's thuggery is useless in fighting spill | Washington Examiner

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