Thursday, November 8, 2007

Connecticut's Lethargic Voters

Voter turnout for Tuesday's elections was about 40% in the state.

How shameful is that?

I don't even have a real post about it, it's just flat-out disgusting.

Forty percent? So my misanthropy is somewhat validated, I guess, if 60% of state voters couldn't find 5 minutes to cast a ballot.

I'll be generous and say 10% seriously could not make it to the polls -- that leaves 50% of registered voters in this state that deserve to have their voting rights revoked.

If you did not vote Tuesday and have no real excuse, you're just a fool. You didn't have to dodge bullets or IEDs to get to the polls, and you still couldn't manage to vote. Why?

I hate it when people say they didn't vote "because it doesn't make a difference" ... well, maybe if you had voted, it would have!

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