Thursday, November 8, 2007

No Attack Necessary

Here's a story about the FBI warning of terrorist attacks on shopping malls in Los Angeles and Chicago during the holiday season.

In the story, the FBI admits that the information may or may not be credible -- so what's the point? It's nice to have the warning, but what's the solution? Stay away from shopping malls? Not likely. And even then, if the alleged threat is against malls in L.A. and Chicago, it could just as easily be any shopping mall in any state.

The idea that, as the story says, supposed jihadists boasting of such plans on the Internet would raise the fear level in America means that they don't even actually have to attack -- if they can disrupt the normal economy, then the goal is met without having to actually carry out the attack.

The simple threat was enough.

Or, maybe they will bomb a shopping mall. Who knows? People in Israel, Pakistan, Iraq and other places get blown up all the time while just out being "normal" ... so it can happen, or it might not.

I say go to the mall. If some crazy Muslim blows it up, then maybe more people will finally get angry enough at Islamic fanatics to accept the fact that they are dangerous.

And yes, I am profiling, because the people calling for jihad are all Muslim. Not Catholic, not Jewish, not Mormon. Muslim.

And if you're a Muslim and that sentiment ticks you off, good. Stand up and defend your religion from the people that are giving it a bad name, because if you don't, at some point it will be too late and no one will give you the chance to show you're not "one of them."

By the way, in that same thought ... here's another story about a 23-year-old British Muslim woman who wants to help kill "depraved Westerners" ... seems this mindless subhuman wants very badly to do anything she can to help the mujahadeen, murderous fanatical Muslims, and likes watching non-Muslims be beheaded on video.

So, here's my question -- if someone declares themself your enemy, and states plainly that you should be killed and that she will help kill you, shouldn't the targets, now that they have her, be allowed to kill her? Or, should she be allowed to lie and say she didn't mean it and go on her merry way to kill you another day instead?

I'm serious -- how many times does someone have to vow to kill you before you take them seriously, and kill them while you have the chance?

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