Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Haven Mayor is a Joke

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano is truly a gigantic putz:

HARTFORD — A coalition of mayors came back to the Capitol Monday to make one thing clear to constituents: Blame the governor and legislature for pending local service cuts and tax increases.

The two Democratic gubernatorial primary contenders, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. and Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy, also predicted more violent incidents, like the deadly home invasions which recently occurred in three communities, because of inadequate supervision and support for state prisoners dumped back into their towns.

First of all, DeStefano got creamed in the election when he went up against Gov. M. Jodi Rell -- most clear thinking people in this state were able to see that New Haven is a really crappy city, and decided they didn't want the person in charge of that place to be in charge of the whole state.

This is a joke. You know who's responsible for the crime? It's (a) the criminals themselves and (b) the liberals that refuse to allow proper punishment of criminals.

Let's see ... which political group wants to kill rapists and murderers, and which party wants to rehabilitate them?

Which group wants to keep criminals off the streets, and which one wants to "re-integrate" them into society?

DeStefano has been whining for months and months about ex-cons getting "dumped" in New Haven ... and it's getting more and more sickening.

Most of the criminals brought to New Haven after they get out of jail are brought there because that's where they're from.

But this is how DeStefano works -- he blames everyone else for his failure, for the dismal condition of his city, where people get shot every day, where people get robbed every day, where the majority of kids are just plain stupid because instead of learning how to read and write, they go to multi-million dollar schools to learn how to dance.

He does the same magic blame trick with the homeless -- DeStefano will complain and complain about the number of homeless people in New Haven. He'll gripe about how other surrounding towns are doing anything for the homeless, so he has to keep building shelters.

Well, is this guy a brain surgeon or what? If you keep making places for homeless people, homeless people are going to keep showing up.

You know why North Haven doesn't have lots of homeless people around? Because there's nothing there for homeless people.

It really does mystify me, how DeStefano and others like him just don't get it -- if you keep building shelters, then people are going to keep coming to them.

People who want to go to the beach don't go to Ansonia, because there's no beach.

You know, DeStefano really is disgusting -- he wants to be the savior and the martyr. He wants to "help" all these people, but he wants to make sure everyone around knows he's helping.

It's typical, though.

It's like blood donation -- everyone should donate blood, because it's the right thing to do -- but then wearing that stupid sticker all day, the one that announces that you gave blood, is a self-serving pat on the back.

Look, if you're going to do something nice for someone else, part of the goodness of it is the fact that you may never be recognized for it. When you do something nice for someone and need the whole world to know that you did something nice, then you're no longer doing it for them, you're doing it for you, and that steals a lot of the goodness out of the act.

I hope DeStefano does run for governor again, because I want him to waste more of his ignorant followers' money just so he can get creamed again.

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