Saturday, January 5, 2008

Shhh ... Don't Offend the Muslims

Remember a while back when an art exhibit in New York featured a Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung and pornographic pictures, and Christians freaked out?

And those Christians were criticized, as if taking offense to someone desecrating your religious figures is somehow irrational?

Well, here's a interesting story about what happens to an artist if the religion they offend is Islam.

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Tired of muslim threat said...

The crusades were about the differences between to factions/religious idealogies. Muslims have always wanted to wage violence against those who may question or speak any words against the religion. Then stand in the face of the world and proclaim they are peaceful. Enough is Enough- Why are free people afraid to speak against a group, just because they threaten us. The time will have to come soon when free people of other religions will have to stand united and remind the mullahs/fanatics/islam radicals that if they choose to threaten and wage war against the very world they intend to takeover they may get what they want, war and death. Live together in peace or the world will one day awaken from this slumber and beat you back to the deserts you once occupied.