Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bush Gets Credit for Africa Efforts

Here is a story about Bob Geldof talking about how much President Bush has done for Africa.

Geldof criticizes the press for not publicizing the support to Africa that Bush has provided, saying that Bush has done more for Africa than any other American president.

I think the story is kept quiet because of the liberal bias in the media -- of course they wouldn't run a story that shows Bush in a positive light.

You're supposed to hate Bush, and you're just a dumb reader, so you'd better believe what they tell you. And that's all they'll tell you, what they want you to hear.

The Internet is a beautiful thing. No longer are you, the smart reader, forced to be content with whatever crap the mainstream media has decided should be your opinion.

So read the story, it's good. And, for some extra fun, read the user comments after the story, some are rich!

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