Monday, February 18, 2008

If Hillary Loses, She Can Blame Bill

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- the biggest flaw in Hillary Clinton's campaign is the fact that they keep letting Bill know where the campaign events are.

You know, I really liked Bill Clinton. He ran for president at a time in my life when the Democrats' ideals were more appealing to me (i.e., before I paid taxes and lived in the real world), and his message was inspiring.

Unfortunately, Bill is a total scumbag when it comes to personal conduct, and it made his legacy more of a punchline than anything.

So to see him out there, telling the world that the USA needs another Clinton, is amusing. But he also gets really angry -- with reporters, the public -- and, to me, that's bad for Hillary's campaign, because it makes it look like the Clintons come as a package deal, and that isn't exactly what "change" means -- how can people that have been around for years and years be part of "change" ...?

Anyway, rather than just give you a link to a specific story, just make sure to check in on Drudge regularly, that site has links to most of the recent stories about old Bill screwing up his wife's chances to be president.

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