Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cindy Sheehan STILL around

Here's the latest on Cindy Sheehan and her run for Nancy Pelosi's House seat.

There are 3 things in this story that caught my eye:

1. "You know, it's not easy having most of the country hate you," Sheehan said. "I know ..."

Yes, you may know, but you obviously don't comprehend it. If most of the country thinks you're a whackaloon, except for a small circle of other whackaloons ... then maybe it's you that's screwed up.

Her office, lined with photos of her children, all in their 20s, and her 4-month-old grandson, Jonah, is full of awards for speaking out against the war when it was unpopular to do so.

Wow! I didn't realize that you could win awards for calling a sitting president a "bastard" and a "nazi" and "Hitler." I also didn't realize that it was unpopular to speak out against the war, seeing as every time someone speaks out against the war, the liberal media immediately gives them superstar status, they get TV time and, well, the power to run for the House of Representatives.

"I think it's OK to enjoy life again. My grandson has made me realize that."

Well, if anyone can talk sense into Cindy Sheehan, it's a 4-month-old, seeing as they're pretty much the same mental age.

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