Monday, October 20, 2008

The Most Convincing Argument For Obama So Far

Up until a few minutes ago, I had not yet heard anything that really made me think about voting for Obama next month.

Then I came across this interview, with Bernard-Henri Lévy, and I really liked much of what he had to say.

He looks at the race in an interesting way. To me, he explains how the good ideas of the Democratic Party have gone too far, to a point that has become dangerous and unappealing to people that may have liked the original idea.

I feel that way very often.

So, read the interview, it's really good.


Karen Olson said...

This is exactly it. These are the reasons why Obama will be beneficial to our country in more ways than one. And if you need more reasons, listen closely to Colin Powell's endorsement on Meet the Press.

Al said...

Unfortunately, those things have more to do with his race than his ability to make good decisions. The key in that interview was the necessary moderation of the liberal beliefs of 'tolerance' and 'help.' Mostly, to stop judging people by their ethnicity/religion and more on what they actually *do* ...