Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sandra Bernhard 'Jokes' About Palin, Gang Rape

This is interesting:
BOSTON - A women's shelter on Wednesday cut headliner Sandra Bernhard from its annual benefit after she said Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin
would be gang-raped if she ever visited New York.

Bernhard's made the remarks last month during her one-woman show in Washington before Palin visited New York to campaign. Bernhard said Palin would be "gang-raped by my big black brothers" during a diatribe in which she also criticized Palin for opposing abortion rights.

Many guests at Rosie's Place, a Boston shelter, have been victims of violence, public relations director Leemarie Mosca said. "In light of our mission, we don't think violence against women is a laughing matter," she said.

So ... first off, I commendRosie's Place for having sense.

Second, if Sarah Berhard is the only person on stage, how can that be called a "one-woman show"? Wouldn't there need to be a woman there?

I'm all for political discourse, but (a) I do not like rape, and (b) I do not like when people try to make political points through stupidity, because it only hampers debate.

But, I don't expect Bernhard to understand that, because she never really came across as all that intelligent -- it seems her big claim to fame was being nothing more than an absolutely hideous "woman" who used lots of dirty words.

3 comments: said...

She wasn't even funny - which is another big mistake. There's a video of some of the anti Palin remarks around - not funny either.

Karen Olson said...

Who even knows who Sandra Bernhard is anymore? I had no idea she was even still around.

Al said...

Unfortunately, yes, Bernhard is still around.