Thursday, November 20, 2008

Election 2008

I'm still not ready to offer my opinions on the recent election -- still trying to cope with all the nagging issues -- but in the meantime, here's some interesting reading for you. It's pretty funny, actually, as it showed hundreds of Obama supporters that really didn't know much about the election, just that they supported who the media told them to support.

Here's a link to the actual results of the poll:

This really disturbs me. If you look at the poll results, it's just disgusting. It showed that many Obama supporters have no idea what the hell is going on. Here are some highlights of the poll:

  • Only 43% of these people knew which party controls Congress.
  • 87% of Obama voters attributed Tina Fey's "SNL" comments to Gov. Sarah Palin.
  • Only 28% were aware of Biden's plagiarism problem, and only 17% knew about Obama's political history, but 87% knew about Palin's clothing tab, and 94% knew about her pregnant daughter.
  • 33% of people wrongly attributed Obama's "coal industry" theory to McCain-Palin, while only 12% knew it was Obama.
  • Only 44% knew of Obama's connection to members of the Weather Underground.
  • 55% of these idiots graduated from college.
Something is really wrong here. How did these people make "intelligent" ballot decisions when they don't even know who is in charge? If they think things are bad now, and they're wrong about who's making it that way ... ?

This election was such a joke.

Yeah, the liberals' candidate won, but why? Because the libs rounded up every dope they could find and got them to vote based on misinformation and outright lies.

But, you know what? I don't even care. The libs are in charge, and they're going to screw things up SO badly, and there's no one for them to blame. Although I'm sure everything will somehow still be linked to Bush. That's just the way the libs work -- take credit for others' achievements and push blame for their mistakes on other people. It's awful, and deceitful, but it's the only way liberals can hope to look good at all as they continue to turn this country into the hole that it's become.

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