Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Another Thought About S. Korean Hostages

The debate over what to do about the remaining South Koreans held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan continues. Here's a good story about it.

The Taliban is demanding the release of 23 terrorists in exchange for the South Korean hostages.

They say they'll keep killing hostages if their demand is not met.

What I propose is this:

Let's show off our technology and ingenuity -- take the 23 terrorists the Taliban wants released, implant microchip tracking devices in them and send them back to their buddies. Let them work for us without even knowing it. (If any of them have dental work, we could utilize that as a place for the tracking device.)

Or, we could get really sci-fi and make some of the 23 into human bombs, so that after the trade is made, we could blow them up by remote, taking with them a few extra Taliban yahoos. (I don't know why I'm stuck on dental work, but plastic explosives could be disguised as fillings, perhaps.)

Granted, the idea is a little rough around the edges, but the concept is workable, I think. With all our scientific know-how, and our enemies' lack of it, we could easily pull it off.

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