Saturday, August 18, 2007

More Edwards vs. Coulter

Here's a neat story ...

John Edwards was giving a speech and he referred to Ann Coulter as a "she-devil" ... and then said she uses hateful language.

So, even though Edwards has a great head of hair, the head itself is empty. "She-devil" is somehow not "hateful language" ... ?

But, it doesn't even matter. That was just part of the fun of this story. If you read the story, coming off ABC News, you'll see that yet another reporter misquotes Coulter and takes her words out of context in order to slant the story. (Refer to my earlier Edwards vs. Coulter posts.)

And the beauty, the part that makes me happiest, is that in the reader comments to that story, they all noticed it, the ABC liberal bias.

Well, the smart ones noticed it, the stupid ones just said Edwards would make a good president.

Edwards is just ... icky. Any guy that uses his wife's cancer to score sympathy points with the public is not only a shameful man, he's not a man at all.

What he should have done when his wife's cancer came back, if he was even half a man, would have been to quit the campaign and take care of her. Period. Don't give me any crap about a noble mission or about how his wife wants him to forge ahead ... he's so rich he doesn't have to work, he could have just quit and taken care of the woman he supposedly loves.

Purely because of that, I would rather live in Cuba than under an Edwards presidency, because at least Castro is a man with principles.

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