Friday, August 3, 2007

Two Books You Should Read

In the constant battle between liberals and conservatives on bookstore shelves, I found something very interesting.

From the far right, Ann Coulter, in her book, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," puts forth her theory that liberals have for decades done all they can to remove faith-based religion from every aspect of public life, replacing it with a doctrine of secular-progressive ideology. Her point, throughout the book, is that liberals have created their own "religion" out of this, complete with a hierarchy and "don't question, just believe" attitude that mimics faith-based religion.

Coulter's book attacks the ideology of the far left by citing specific actions and attitudes to back up her claims.

In response, far-left author Susan Estrich copied Coulter's book cover to the last detail, and put out "Soulless: Ann Coulter and the Right-Wing Church of Hate," in which she puts forth her theory that Ann Coulter is mean.

It's a great example of how liberals argue when they can't defend their position -- they call you mean and accuse you of being a "hater." They can't say you're wrong, just that you're mean.

And, I have to say this: Estrich copied Coulter's book cover, complete with hairstyle and black dress. ... The only problem is that someone ran over Estrich's face with a tractor, so I suggest not looking at it on a full stomach.

So, head to your local library and get both of these books and see for yourself. You'll have an easier time getting Estrich's book, seeing as the majority of left-wing authors can't give their work away, but you might be able to put your name on the waiting list for Coulter's in the meantime.


Anonymous said...

Right on. I have had the same experience arguing with liberals - they can never stick to the facts, they just say inane things like "I feel sorry for you" or "that's a stupid thing to say." Huh? To me it just shows they have no clue about reality, since they can't express anything factual. They just attack and belittle, acting like two-year-olds while claiming to be the "tolerant" ones.
Yeah, right.
I do wish you hadn't attacked Estrich's looks, though. Leave that sort of thing to the liberals, who attacked Linda Tripp and Katherine Harris in that way. For you to do it just plays into their hands.
Keep it up, bro.

Anonymous said...

How can you possibly say such warm, fuzzy things about Man Coulter?
There are many thoughtful and intelligent pundits on the right -- there is no need to call in this pseudo-intellectual who called the 9/11 widows "harpies" who enjoyed the attention garnered by their husband's tragic deaths. I've always wondered if Coulter was planted by the left to discredit the right. Her comments and attitude are an embarrassment to all conservatives.
Also -- not to be mean, but don't you think she looks like a man -- she even has an Adam's apple? I feel sorry for her.

Al said...

I couldn't help it! I liked the "tractor" thought!

Al said...

OK, I do have to say that it looks sometimes like Ann Coulter has an Adam's apple ... and, yes, that kind of scares me.
I also will say, though, that I think she's right on in terms of some of things she says. She may be crass, but a lot of the things she says ring true in principle.
In terms of the 9/11 widows - the "Jersey Girls" - I think if you take crass language out of context, then it's just crass language; but if you read it in context, then it's a good point, made using crass language. There is a subtle difference. When Cindy Sheehan called Bush "Hitler," or said that she dreamed of going back in time and killing him when he was a baby, that's totally ignored by the media, and just accepted as "the view" of the far left. When Coulter talked about the Jersey Girls it was in the context of her belief that the left uses as spokespeople persons that it is politically incorrect to debate; she called them "harpies" and suddenly she's the poster child for hate speech. The Jersey Girls come out and do shows and tours, get makeovers and camera time, and start talking about government policy, spouting the left's agenda, and no one is supposed to disagree with them; same thing with Cindy Sheehan. Granted, Coulter takes it a step farther than she has to, but to me, that's where she crosses the line and becomes what I consider her - comedic political commentary from the right.
The main thing that I am in agreement with on, though, is that when she's held up as the spokeswoman for conservatives, and she goes into the Dennis Miller-esque rants, it's a disservice. But, at the same time, I don't feel sorry for her at all, she's very successful. I wish someone would pay me $20G a pop to go off about something!