Thursday, August 2, 2007

Get Rid of Sen. Christopher Dodd

U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn.

If you don't know who he is, he is one of Connecticut's 2 U.S. senators, has been for a long time. He's a Democrat, not usually to the far left, who tends to be pretty much of a Party guy.

He's also running for president -- or at least the Democratic nomination to run for president.

And, I believe, he should be removed from office.

Here's why:

  • When Dodd's colleague, U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., was running for re-election, Dodd criticized Lieberman for missing so many votes in the Senate when previously running for president, but now he's doing the exact same thing, campaigning for president and blowing off his job while still collecting his paycheck.
  • Speaking of Dodd and Lieberman ... Lieberman was in a primary race for the Dem nomination for his Senate seat against rich Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont, Dodd backed Lamont, essentially trying to get his colleague thrown out of office. The whole Lamont thing was a joke, and when Lieberman went Independent after losing the Dem race to Lamont, the general public got it's chance to speak and showed that Dodd and other Lamont supporters were the far left fringe, and Lamont got buried. What that showed me was that Dodd was out of touch with the people, and was showing that it wasn't the middle ground that he cared about, but rather the far left "cool kids."
  • When all the Dem presidential hopefuls decided to boycott a debate that was to be hosted by Fox New Channel, saying the network is far right, Dodd also refused to participate in the debate. Any time a politician refuses to talk to the public, the public should be concerned. It's Fox, not a KKK rally. Regardless if whether you think Fox is biased, it was a debate, not interviews. It was simply a move on Dodd's part to do whatever the candidates who actually stand a chance were doing. By not participating in the debate, Dodd showed clearly that he is the one who is biased. By not participating, Dodd has essentially said that if you watch Fox, he doesn't care about you.
  • There's a Web site, the Daily Kos. Go ahead, read the site. It's not bad, it's just really far left. But like I said earlier, you should read everything so you can decide for yourself. Anyway, Dodd and the other Dems are going to an event sponsored by Daily Kos. Granted, there's some really whacked out, offensive stuff on Kos, but I wouldn't have minded Dodd's participation if he hadn't pulled the whole anti-Fox thing. It's a superior show of hypocrisy, and that alone shows much about Dodd.

I e-mailed Dodd to let make him aware of my disappointment in him concerning these items. I suggest you do, too, and you can do it here. You should always write and e-mail your legislators when you disagree -- and agree -- with what they are doing, because you are the boss.

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Nice job on Dodd.