Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ark. city neighborhood under 24-hour curfew

Associated Press - August 10, 2008 8:34 PM ET

HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. (AP) - Helena-West Helena Mayor James Valley says he ordered a round-the-clock curfew and heavy police patrol in a ten-block section of town because the neighborhood was "under siege with repeated gunfire, loitering, drug dealing and other general mayhem."

Valley ordered the emergency curfew Thursday, effective immediately. It was still in place today. He said it would remain in place as long as the problems persist or until the city council can come up with a long-term plan at its August 19th meeting.

Thursday night, 18 to 20 police officers carrying M-16 rifles, shotguns and night-vision scopes patrolled the "curfew zone." They arrested about eight people and confiscated drugs and loaded weapons.

Under Valley's order, officers do not tolerate loitering or "hanging out." Officers can stop and investigate all foot traffic, bicycle, horseback, moped, motorcycle, riding mower, golf cart or other means of transportation.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas says the curfew is "blatantly unconstitutional" and has demanded that Valley lift the order immediately.


I think the ACLU should go away. The mayor is not imposing the curfew for fun and giggles, he's doing it because there are too many bad people in that neighborhood. That's what happens when lots of bad people get together and behave badly -- eventually someone has to lock the door to the cage.

It's happening it Hartford, Conn., too, and the ACLU is up in arms about that as well. Hartford may have nice parts, or some nice streets, and a lot of history, but face it -- Hartford is a crime-ridden, violent, dangerous place because there are too many bad people there.

New Haven has some nice streets, a lot of history ... and it, too, is a hole. Too many bad people, someone needs to lock the door to the cage.

The ACLU is so unnecessary that it has to search for things it can claim are "blatantly unconstitutional" -- but the same liberal crybabies refuse to let society treat misfits like misfits, and instead coddle them and allow them to multiply and grow, until entire neighborhoods are held hostage by the criminals.

That's one of my big beefs with liberals -- they force society to allow the misfits to live among us, and then when the misfits are so out of control that even the liberals have to admit there's a problem, they then refuse to allow us sane people to deal with the problem in an efficient, timely manner.

Instead, liberals, once finally admitting that a neighborhood has gone to hell (which usually occurs once enough liberals become victims of misfits), will explain how all the problems of the misfits can be blamed on conservatives' policies, and how they just know if will be much better if you'll just give them your vote -- and your wallet. If you let them take all your money and spend it on the misfits, the liberals seem certain that in 10, 15 or maybe 20 years you'll see a "new generation of hope."

It's ridiculous. What will really happen is that the liberals will take your money, give it to misfits who will use the money to become even bigger misfits, maybe even making additional, more screwed-up misfits. Misfits squared.

Meanwhile, since you have no money, you are pushed closer and closer to the misfits, until you are forced to live among them and be nothing more than prey for the misfits and cash cows for the liberals.

I say close the door to the cage. The truly good people will appreciate it. I'd rather have a cop stop me and ask me where I'm going, because then at least I can walk down the street without some punk scumbag kid on a bike -- for all you liberals, I mean a "disconnected, unengaged youth suffering the strains of a fatherless household and a drug-addicted mother, while still trying to smooth away the scars of slavery and discrimination" -- robbing me at gunpoint because he's too stupid and lazy to get a job like the rest of the us have to.

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