Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vote Obama -- Dead Babies for Everyone!

I'm pro-choice. I think if a woman does not want to have a baby, she has the right to an abortion.

I don't necessarily like it, but I think that's the way it has to be.

But, I am against partial-birth abortion, which is an abortion done late enough in the pregnancy that the "fetus" could potentially live on its own. In this procedure -- and I'm not trying to be graphic -- the doctor has to kill the baby in the same manner that you can kill an adult, by crushing its skull or by piercing the skull with a fork and removing the brain.

So I think that's a fair stance. If you are contemplating abortion, you'd better make the decision sooner rather than later. Once the "fetus" (why can't I just say "unborn baby"?) can feasibly live on its own, it's a baby that hasn't been pushed out yet. It has a brain, and eyes and all that. It's just as functional as a severely disabled adult, after all, and we can't just kill them because they're inconvenient to deal with.

Anyway. Long story short: Obama is a proponent of late-term abortion. That's all you need to know -- Obama and his disgusting liberal ilk won't let society punish criminals or terrorists, but if you're a month shy of being born, watch out, because until you're out of the womb Obama and pals consider you fair game.

The more I learn about Obama, the more I realize that the "change" he keeps talking about is BAD change, and the "hope" is the hope that you don't realize it until after you pull the lever for him.

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