Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Race-Baiting from the Liberals

For a party that seemingly prides itself on being so diverse and tolerant, Democrats sure are hung up on race.

Watch this video -- Howard Dean refers, "accidentally," to the Republican Party as the White Party as he talks about how people of color are drawn to the Democrats.

He nay be right, though. The left is so full of white guilt that most of the Caucasian libs seem to despise anything to do with their own heritage, or anything to do with non-brown people. They don't seem to care much about Asians, but Hispanics and blacks -- of any origin, as long as you're technically "black" -- can get the lefties to promise them anything.

It's no wonder that self-sufficient middle-class heterosexual Christian white males seem to fill the GOP -- that's the only way they stand a chance to be anything more than a funding source to the Democrats.

Think about it -- if you fit in the above category, the Dems offer you nothing in return for all they take from you, other than increasing the number of places you're not safe going to, and making sure you don't have enough money to go anywhere better.

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