Thursday, August 14, 2008

Typically Liberal -- Follow Us Or Die

One of the things I hate most about liberals is the way they'll turn on each other at the drop of a hat if someone steps out of line, or fails to blindly adhere to whatever the far left decides is the proper opinion to have.

Here's a neat little story about Nancy Pelosi threatening Joe Liberman because Lieberman dares to disagree with "the Party."

Joe Lieberman is a Democrat. He's more in favor of defeating enemies rather than sucking up to them, like most of the libs do, and the left hates him for it. Before the war in Iraq, Lieberman was the golden child for the Dems, he was beloved. But at the first sign of dissent from the tyrannical Party's insane groupthink, they dumped him for one-trick pony Ned Lamont, who basically is just a wealthy guy who convinced liberal simpletons that he could "end the war."

Well, Lamont may have won the primary, when only Dems could vote, but when rational people were allowed to weigh in, they chose Lieberman, who ran as an independent in the general election.

And that just kills the left each and every day. They need Lieberman to keep the majority, so they'll kiss his ass 90% of the time. But as soon as he opens his mouth and offers an opinion differing from the Party line, they gripe about him as if he were Dick Cheney's brother.

It's amazing to watch, because libs treat each other like they treat this country -- they're loyal as long as you do what they say and can be useful to them, but once they don't need you, you're the enemy.

I just wish liberals were as hostile toward Muslim terrorists, rapists and murderers as they are against Americans who disagree with them.

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