Friday, March 7, 2008

Israel's Chance?

So a gunman kills a bunch of people in an Israeli seminary, and Hamas claims responsibility for the massacre.

Hamas and some Palestinians in Gaza say the massacre is a justified response to the most recent Israeli military action in Gaza, an action the Israelis say is what they had to do to try to stop Palestinians in Gaza from firing rockets into Israel ... which the Palestinians seem to believe is OK to do because of sporadic military actions by Israel ... which Israel carries out after Palestinians fire rockets into Israel.

Is anyone else seeing the pattern here? Am I the only one mystified by this whole farce?

Israel could wipe out Palestine in the blink of an eye. If they did, what's the worst that could happen?

Iran would be mad at Israel? Iran has already called for the annihilation of Israel, so there'd be no new hard feelings there. In fact, it seems there's enough hostility toward Israel in the region already that one big act of aggression wouldn't really make things any worse, it would just bring them to a head ... which would at least allow Israel to finally deal with them.

Look, I don't care about Israel too much either way -- my attitude isn't based on some connection or alliance. I just look at it as a country that constantly lives with terrorist acts and continued threats from others, but all the while having the ability to obliterate those making the threats and committing the acts.

So why don't they just destroy Palestine, destroy Iran's government (which, from what I've read, would be welcomed by the majority of Iranians if the civilian casualties are minimized), and wipe out the bulk of Hamas and Hezbollah?

The U.S. wouldn't do anything to Israel if that happened, and I don't think Britain, Germany or France would really do anything either -- the French may oppose it, but France also had dirty little side deals going with Saddam in Iraq to thwart the sanctions put in place to keep Saddam in line, so as far as I'm concerned France is really jut an enemy pretending to be allies with whoever is popular at the moment.

Egypt may not like it, but after seeing the mess they endured when Palestinians knocked down the border wall and flooded Egypt ... It seemed to me that Egypt didn't really like that whole thing, so maybe their sympathy for the Palestinians -- at least in the official sense -- is lowered enough where they would balk but not really DO anything about it.

I think the only country that would really have issues with Israel wiping out their enemies would be Russia, and Russia is really not trustworthy because of their ties to Iran, so they have to be kept under a watchful eye anyway.

And China might oppose it, but their economy depends on the rest of the world, especially the U.S., so I think that if handled correctly, China-U.S. relations would not suffer much.

So? Is this Israel's chance to fix their biggest problems?

Iran will have nukes soon, and then Israel loses the advantage they have. Sporadic skirmishes only make the problems worse, because your enemy continues to grow in power until they become a more serious adversary.

If Israel is going to do it, they have to do it now.

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