Friday, March 21, 2008

A Hero Saves a Fool

Here's a nice story about a guy who risked his life jumping over subway tracks to save a man who had fallen off the platform.

It really is a nice story. The guy who saved the other guy, he had some really insightful thoughts about why he did what he did.

The sad part of the whole thing is at the end of the story, the article says, "A NYC Transit spokesperson said the victim was reportedly intoxicated and taken to a local hospital."

So, some stupid drunk falls off the subway platform and someone else has to risk their life to save him?

I know, the stupid drunk doesn't necessarily deserve to die just because he's a stupid drunk, and it would be wrong to just let someone die because they're a stupid drunk. ... But, at the same time, seeing as we in today's age don't have many wild animals and whatnot to contend with, wasn't this just some strange form of survival of the fittest? Stupid drunks die off because they do things like fall of subway platforms. ...

Some people are probably going to get angry at the repeated use of the term "stupid drunks," but I'm not really that sympathetic toward alcoholics. I had my own bout with the bottle back in the day, and stopped because it wasn't worth the toll it was taking, so I consider it a choice. Yes, a difficult choice, but a choice nonetheless.

Anyway. It's a nice story, and I hope I can someday be the kind of person that would take a risk to help a stranger. I would now, to an extent, but not necessarily jumping over tracks like that ...

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