Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Something Interesting About Cuba

Here's a story about young Cubans using technology to thwart the government's efforts to control information.

As you sit at your computer and read this, imagine your government not allowing you to use the Internet. Can you? I can't.

Michael Moore goes to Cuba for one of his "films" and makes it seem like Cuba is better than the U.S.; Sean Penn goes to Brazil and hangs out with Hugo Chavez and bashes the United States and the current administration ... the reality is that life in many other countries is much worse than anything here in the States, but you might not know that listening to dopes like Moore and Penn.

It seems to me that, if anything, what this country suffers from most is the lack of nationalism ... even in countries where it just plain stinks to live, the people there still have a strong sense of national pride.

I think it's high time we in the U.S. had more of that, because to the people that want "death to America," you're an American no matter how much you try and disassociate yourself.

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