Monday, March 17, 2008

Money for Nothing

Here's a story about the divorce deal between Heather Mills and Paul McCartney. ... She's going to get about $50 million for her 4-year marriage to the former Beatle.

This is one of those stories that make men fear marriage.

It does not matter how much money Paul McCartney has -- a million, a billion or a trillion -- it's his money, made from his work. He didn't get any more famous because of her; if anyone gained a more impressive image from the marriage, methinks it was her.

Sharing with your wife is expected of a man, but, once she's not your wife anymore, the sharing should end. She wasn't a pauper when they hooked up, so it's not like she actually needed the money to survive. It's simply like someone decided that, because she was with this man for a few years, she somehow "deserves" a portion of his assets.

I think the part that irks me most is the way that Mills has been from the beginning of this all-too-public ordeal -- she acted like she truly believes she is entitled to someone else's stuff.

I also think watching someone in a case like this may provide a glimpse into their character. Heather Mills, aside from seeming to be a very greedy woman (she was looking to get about $250 million, simply because she says he had more than that), also seems like a real whiner who talks way too much. At one point in this debacle, she went on TV to cry that she was being victimized and treated unfairly in the media -- all the while ignoring the fact that she could have avoided this whole thing by simply accepting McCartney's offer of about $30 million, which I think anyone can agree is more than enough money for just having been married to a super-famous musician.

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