Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some Interesting Stories for Today

Here are some quick stories for the morning:

Apple sued again: A customer is suing Apple over what she says are misleading claims by the company regarding the number of colors the new 20-inch Apple iMac can display. I found it interesting because many of today's high-tech items are so advanced that many users wouldn't know if the "features" touted by the manufacturers are really accurate, so when a company gets caught (allegedly) giving customers a load of bull, especially Apple, which is supposed to be the big customer-friendly company, I get a kick out of it. Read the end of the article to see some other lawsuits Apple has already settled.

Defending your religion: As the protests over a Dutch lawmakers film about Islam continue, I find interesting the differences between what happens when someone criticizes Islam vs. what happens when someone criticizes, say, Christianity. I've written about this before; when an "artist" covered a picture of the Virgin Mary with elephant dung and pornographic photos, Christians got mad and protested, but many people just basically told them to shut up and started "discussion" about how Christians want to control everyone's lives ... but when Muslims protest, for some reason those same people suddenly start talking about the need to be sensitive to people's religious beliefs. Why is it OK to mock some religions and not others? Is it because Christians protest peacefully, while Muslims burn things and make death threats?

Is your cell phone going to kill you? Some people say that using cell phones increases your risk for a brain tumor. Others say it's bunk. But have you ever wondered how some things really will affect people when those things haven't been around long enough to really know for certain? The little Bluetooth headsets people wear in their ear, for example -- how does anyone know what 10 years of that thing stuck in your ear will do, when they haven't been used for 10 years yet? Do you stand in front of your microwave oven when you use it?

Mmmm. An $81 burger: As a loyal carnivore, this burger sounds fantastic, but I don't know if I would shell out $81 for it. ... Actually, I do know -- I'd never spend $81 on a burger unless I was filthy, filthy rich. Still sounds great, though.


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