Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just Another Rich Guy Spouting Off

Check this out:

NEW YORK (AP) ― Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has decided against his own White House run, said Thursday that his endorsement will go to the most straight-talking candidate, adding that "at least we'll have an adult in office who can lead and can accomplish something."

Bloomberg, a Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent, later ducked a question about whether he was taking a shot at President Bush, and cracked a joke instead.

"He's not a candidate for office. There's a Constitutional provision that prevents him from running for a third term, and last I checked, he wasn't trying to change it, nor was anybody advocating that it gets changed, as far as I know," Bloomberg said.

I hate it when really rich people are allowed to be involved in politics just because they have money. I mean, come on, really, do you give a rat's ass what Michael Bloomberg thinks about anything? As far as I'm concerned, his opinion matters about as much as mine -- not a whole hell of a lot. People should look at their choices and make up their own minds, instead of listening to people with purchased influence.

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