Friday, April 4, 2008

Gender Is Not An Option

Has anyone seen the story about a "pregnant man" going around?

How stupid are people?

Be clear on this: THIS IS NOT A MAN!

Our society is so mixed-up that they can't even tell a man from a woman anymore.

"Well, I'm a man, but I feel like a woman, so you should consider me a woman."

For Pete's sake, I learned about this when I was six years old. ... This "pregnant man" is a lesbian who had her breasts removed. She still has a vagina, and ovaries, and a womb.

In case you missed it, men don't have any of those.

OK -- take a dog, cut off its legs and throw it in water. Is it a fish?

Sew those legs onto a snake. Is it then a dog?

Good Lord, sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by morons. The fact that the media refers to this woman as a man is simply appalling.

And have you seen some of the headlines? This pregnancy is actually being called a "miracle" ... What? How is it a miracle? Women get pregnant and have babies, this is not new.

What's a miracle is the fact that people like Oprah aren't getting laughed off the stage for putting this crap on the air.

This woman should not be on TV or in the papers, she should be in a mental institution, because she is very, very confused about something that really should not be confusing.

The way I see it, if someone's mind is telling them that they are a different gender than what the physical parts say, that is a mental problem.

Really, how is that any different than a shoe salesman whose mind tells him he's the Queen of England?

I guess I'm biased because I was born male and haven't really had any problem with that. If I ever felt like I was a woman, I think all I'd have to do is take a look downstairs and go, "Oh, yeah, right."


Marissa said...

I don't know if I have ever agreed with you on anything, but I find the idea that people REALLY thought a MALE was pregnant as ridiculous as you do. Did everyone miss that day in health class? It really is the height of stupidity.
PS "Cut off a dog's legs and throw it in water, is it a fish?" Hilarious.

Karen Olson said...

I saw this on Oprah. I couldn't stop watching. It was just so bizarre.

Apparently though, "he" said he can have intercourse with his wife because the testosterone has, well, increased the size of a body part I won't name here.

Women have sperm donors all the time, so this is no miracle. But it really was fascinating to watch. In a really weird way.

Ed said...

Amen brother! I watched this thing on Oprah (yeah I know, I know save the snickers) and was thinking the same thing. He is not a he. It's just a woman who had a bunch of testosterone injections. What the f**k is the big deal here?