Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our Lawmakers Are Just Brilliant

So the state is having a hard time finding places to house sex offenders released from prison.

It seems no one wants a building full of criminal rapists and perverts next door.

The other day, a guy who had been in prison for sexually assaulting a child allegedly decided to go into a woman's house, shoot her and abduct her friend, whose body was later found.

He allegedly needed cash and a car, but. because the women saw his face as they offered him money and a car, he figured he had to kill them.


Can I just note here -- when I need cash and a car, I get a job. Although, I guess it is easier just to steal someone else's.

Anyway, so the state is looking for ways to house these guys once they serve their terms, and here's a great quote from state Rep. Michael Lawlor, D-East Haven, co-chairman of the legislature’s Judiciary Committee:

"If he was in a supervised, staffed, secure residential transitional (facility)
... he would not be out roaming around, breaking into people’s houses in New
Britain," said Lawlor.

Are you serious? This guy is an elected official?

Here's a quick answer for Lawlor: They have a place pretty close to that, it's called prison.

Why am I supposed to have any sympathy for criminal perverts? I don't care if they "did their time" or not -- as far as I'm concerned, it's hardwired. Just because they "do the time" doesn't change what they are.

So that's it, Mikey -- a jail cell or a coffin would be as secure as anything. Now if you and the rest of your liberal peers would stop treating criminals like citizens and citizens like nothing more than sources of money, maybe we could get something going here.

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