Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chris Dodd and His Racist Remarks

The Democrats are still the only ones using race so far in the presidential race, which comes as no surprise seeing as much of their policy focuses on manipulation of racial groups.

Sen. Christopher Dodd spoke at a rally in Connecticut Saturday, and he told people this:

Looking out into the diverse crowd at Saturday’s rally, Dodd said the view reminded him of the crowd at the Democratic convention in Denver last month. Watching the Republican convention on TV, he said the crowd looked “monochromatic.”

“I kept looking and it looked like the same person. ... It didn’t look like America at all. This looks like America,” he said, drawing wild applause.

What a wonderfully divisive and hateful thing to say.

This comes on the heels of maniac Howard Dean "accidentally" calling the Republican Party the "white" party.

And, Obama keeps telling us over and over again how the Republicans are going to talk about that fact that he's black.

But, the thing is, they haven't. And the liberals can't stand it.

They're trying like hell to make people think that the GOP is some racist hate group, and in the process they're showing that they're the only ones who seem to care about the color of someone's skin.

As for Dodd's silly remarks, I need to address several things about this irresponsible and divisive "speech":

-- People of all colors make up the Republican Party, and people of any color can be conservative.

-- I watched the RNC, too, and yes, there were lots of white people there. They didn't all look like the same person, though, Senator. What a stupid thing to say. A lot of your constituents are white, do you treat them differently because of it? Why does a person's color matter? So, because there may have been more varied ethnicities represented at your event Saturday, or at the DNC, does that somehow automatically make it better?

-- Dodd's comment would not be tolerated if he said it about any other group. If Dodd walked into an NAACP meeting and said, "Gee, it's dark in here. What am I, in Africa? You all look like the same person," can you even imagine the fallout? But as usual, the left is allowed to pick on whites and white Christians as much as they want.

-- Enough with the white guilt, Senator. You and your party have been at it for too long, trying to attach some sense of shame to being white, as if I personally cracked the whip in the cotton fields. If the majority of the GOP is white, so what? Anyone is allowed in, whether or not they join is up to them. The GOP doesn't count how many people are what color, because conservatives are more concerned with how people behave and contribute to society than they are about what color the person is.

-- Maybe part of the reason that the left has more "diversity" in its ranks is because it tries to manipulate blacks and Latinos by promising them victim status and handouts in exchange for votes. Look at it this way -- how much do you see liberals court blacks and Latinos? Now, how much do you see liberals court Asians? Not a whole lot of love for the Asians, there, and it's because Asians, for the most part, don't need the government and therefore the liberals don't need them. Anything the libs could promise Asians, Asians are already getting for themselves.

In the end, it's just another example of the Democrats' useless arguments and flawed thinking. They call other people racists, but they're the only ones basing anything on race.

As for Dodd ... well, I'm white, and I'm a conservative, so as far as I can tell, Dodd isn't planning on doing much for me, so I certainly won't give him my vote when runs for re-election.

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