Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Race War, Indeed

Here's an interesting column.

Yes, I think we are in a race war with this presidential race, and I think it was created by the Democrats.

They and Obama have set the stage for a win-win situation: If Obama wins, he wins; if he loses, then the left will simply say it was because of racism, not because more Americans agreed with the policies of his opponent.

And that, my friends, will be the beginning of a whole lot of hostility.

If the left tells blacks that their big chance was quashed by racism, no one is going to look at Clarence Thomas or Condi Rice or Colin Powell as examples of how blacks can achieve, it's going to be "whitey got us down" all over again, and the streets will be chaotic.

Don't believe me? Just wait. Hell, even I hope I'm wrong, because I live in an area where too many politicians and officials rely on the "racism" card to explain the lack of motivation and effort on the part of many minorities. Which is odd, considering that in many of Connecticut's worst cities -- New Haven, Bridgeport, Hartford -- the "minorities" are actually in the majority, so logic would have it that those groups should be in control. Check out city-data.com for some interesting racial breakdowns of area municipalities, you might be surprised.

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