Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Pregnant Palin & Barack's Mom

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, getting set to marry the father, and the left is having a blast with it.

Palin supported abstinence-only education, makes her daughter's pregnancy ironic (and pretty funny, truthfully), but not an uncommon thing.

So common is it, in fact, that Barack Obama's mother had him when she was 18, and it's uncertain if she and the father were married.

Here's a link to some information about Barack's mother and his "upbringing" from Snopes. (NOTE: Snopes is still in the process of identifying the origin of the information in order to verify its accuracy; I'm fairly comfortable with the dates, and that's the only info I'm really concerned with, I don't care much about his mom's political activities after she left him.)

So, aside from the amusing contradiction of the pregnancy and Palin's educational philosophy, how can liberals bring this up?

But they do, and that's just plain funny.

If they're going to mock Palin's daughter, they should mock Barack's mom, too, because they pretty much did the same thing -- met a guy, had sex and got pregnant. The only real difference is that if the Snopes article turns out to be true all the way through, then it seems Bristol Palin's kid will have a much different upbringing.


Karen Olson said...

My only issue with the pregnancy is that the statement issued by the family said that Bristol "decided" to have her baby and marry the father.

That's nice. So why does her mother want to take that decision away from any other girl or woman?

Al said...

Tammy Bruce wrote a column I read today -- there's a link to it in a post from this morning -- about why she thinks feminists should support Palin. She made a good point concerning Palin's stance on abortion; she says that while Palin may be anti-abortion in her views, it hasn't shown up in her actions thus far, basically saying that feminists should look at their differing views on abortion as ideological rather than one that would actually play out. At any rate I wouldn't imagine that any Supreme Court candidate who would vote against abortion would be confirmed.