Thursday, September 4, 2008

Liberal Media Gets Desperate

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gave a wonderful speech last night at the RNC.

She touched on many issues, from energy to taxes to education, and enjoyed a great reception from the audience.

I hit the Internet news sites this morning expecting some intelligent analysis of her speech.

Instead, the first thing I saw was a Boston Herald article criticizing Palin's hair.

Yup. Her hair.

Here's a link to the article.

It's pretty much what I've come to expect from the mainstream media, and also from a huge segment of the American population (which is why I am both a conservative AND a misanthrope): If you can't argue against a conservative's point, just make fun of them. That way, the debate will be about something other than the left's lack of policy sense.

Here's the extra bonus: The Herald also ran an article discussing Palin's "charmed political career" as if to say she magically went from regular mom to PTA to council to governor by luck.

They disregard the idea that maybe she was the best candidate.

They disregard the fact that she's had more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined.

It's funny, in a way, because she's the left wing's worst nightmare -- a real candidate with experience, character, charisma and determination, but without skeletons in the closet or questionable associations.

So they'll make fun of her hair (although it's not fake, like Biden's), and say she is where she is because of luck (unlike Obama, who spent years voting 'present' instead of making decisions). They'll say she's inexperienced (although more experienced than the combined Dem ticket) and focus on the number of children she has (while Obama has 2 little girls of his own).

The left is going to dig its own grave if they try going after Palin, because she's better than their choice, and the more they try to criticize her, the more that's going to be apparent.

To hell with Obama, to hell with Biden, to hell with McCain. I'm voting for Palin.

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