Saturday, July 21, 2007

America: The Nicest Captors

So President Bush signed an order concerning how terrorism suspects are to be treated.

It prohibits cruel and inhumane treatment, humiliation and denigration of prisoners' religious beliefs.

Isn't that nice?

I'm torn -- on one hand, I'm happy that when some people call America "barbaric," this type of action shows they're wrong.

On the other hand, it seems shameful that our country's interrogation techniques are subject to a legislature and a public that have no idea what's it actually like to interrogate these guys.

I have to wonder if the people that criticize U.S. interrogation techniques really realize what kind of information it is we're trying to get from these guys, information that could prevent a terrorist attack against this country.

The whole Abu Ghraib scandal was a farce -- no one died, no one that we know of even got hurt. Terrorism suspects were scared, humiliated and degraded.

And people in this country called that torture!

You know what torture is? Cutting a person up, or stabbing them or burning them or electrocuting them, or killing them.

Ever hear that "sticks and stones" line, folks?

And their defense is, "Do you want America to stoop to its enemies' level?"

Yes! Yes I do! Because our enemies will win if we keep pussyfooting around like this, fighting a half-hearted "war" against an enemy that does not stop until they are dead.


Anonymous said...

So you're an expert on torture? this is America, bud. We're supposed to be better than that, right. Very, Very Lame. And don't give me that nonsence about "what if we captured a guy who knew where a a-bomb in a suitcase was about to explode." doesn't happen that way, except pn Fox TV.

Al said...

And you're an expert on what terrorism suspects know and don't know?

SO you would prefer taking the high road or remaining alive?

Where's the solace in having "been better" than your enemy if you're dead?

Let me ask you this, "bud" -- have you watched a video of an American getting his throat slit purely because he's an American? It's not pretty.

It's not unrealistic to believe that someone captured on the battlefield may know where a terrorist training camp is, or what plans are in the works.

The idea of a compassionate, peaceful, turn-the-other-cheek America is a self-inflicted death sentence.

Lastly, you said it yourself -- this is America: a country forged by killing people and taking their land, by controlling people through force. Why stop now?