Thursday, July 12, 2007

Help! The Liberals Are After Me!

My inbox tonight has at least 4 spam e-mails referring me to some various Web sites.

But these aren't your everyday 'grow your manhood' or 'hot girls' spam e-mails.

From the content on the sites they link to, these are some far-left folks throwing serious political propaganda.

So, I'm just taking a stab here: I've mentioned things in this blog that could be considered of a more conservative bend, so suddenly I have these things coming to me -- at me, it feels like -- that talk about war crimes and impeachment and how there's blood all over Bush's hands?

And the funny part is that none of the things I write about here should be linked to a political agenda -- I certainly don't view it that way. The things I say here simply make sense to me. If a particular political party subscribes to the same thought, then great, maybe I'll vote for them.

But honestly, I didn't mind getting the e-mails; I try to read all angles, so most of these sites I'm already familiar with -- truthout, commondreams -- because seeing the extremes is the only way to see the middle.

No, what bothered me is that one of the e-mails came from a person calling themselves ... it was a link to a story on about the White House being in "panic" mode trying to figure out a way to keep Congress on board for Iraq.

Understand this: My anger has nothing to do with Ann Coulter. My anger was simply that the address, to me, automatically detracted from the legitimacy of anything that person has to say because it was schoolyard junk.

I'm also mad that the address wasn't attached to a real person, because I really was pleased with my reply. Since they'll never read it, here it is, just in case:

Nice e-mail address, there. You could have at least spelled her name right.
Nice to see intelligent political discourse, though.

Of course the White House is in panic mode - the "war" is a sham and people from
his party are finally telling W he's got to try something else. Losing blind
loyalty is always a shock.

Truthout is an OK site to get some info, but really lopsided and, well, full of blind loyalty, so you have to be mindful of that. They make it sound like only Republican politicians are scum, while Democrats are somehow genuinely concerned for the well-being of the average working American and can cure the evils of the world.

Neither party gives a rat's ass about my kind, we're nothing but dollars to them to use on their friends, pet causes and things that will get them richer and more entrenched.

I don't think I would have been as irritated had they at least spelled the name right. When you want to insult someone it's a good idea to get the name correct, or else your credibility is called into question.

That being said, it's S-A-N-T-A-N-G-E-L-O.

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