Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Musharraf Shows How It's Done

When radical Muslims trying to bypass Pakistan's government and install sharia law -- and basically oppress all the free people with their bizarre Muslim behavioral code -- took over a mosque, General Pervez Musharraf sent in his forces and killed them.

Well, here's a big "Yay!" for Musharraf!

I'm tired of ultra liberals in the U.S. and some other countries sticking their heads in the sand every time these twisted Muslims demonstrate openly to the world that their goal is to force you to obey their weird rules or die. The far left folks expect you to just look the other way and wait until the saber is at your throat. And then what?

Musharraf did what a leader of a free people is supposed to do - he didn't screw around and try to look nice, or sensitive, or understanding. He fought his challengers and won.

Now those subhumans holed up in the mosque are dead, and are no longer a problem. Bingo. Do that enough and eventually the problem is solved.

I'm convinced that if, instead of pussy-footing around in Iraq since Day One, the U.S. and coalition forces were as aggressive as the fanatics, the war in Iraq would be over. There's too much concern over "innocent civilians" in this fight - if the civilians don't wholeheartedly help defeat the fanatics, then they are no longer innocents, but accomplices.

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