Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Quick Question for Democrats

Just a quick question for the folks who voted in all the "We will end the war in Iraq" Democrats in the last election ...

Your guys got in. ... so why is there still a war in Iraq?

Suckers. They fed you a line, and you believed it. They wanted to get the jobs, the power and the money, and figured they'd exploit your antiwar feelings to get the votes.

And it worked! So, expect more of the same. These guys sure know how to herd the sheep.

Let's be honest -- if they really wanted to end the war, these lawmakers could have come up with a plan to do it by now, one that could garner bipartisan support, but then they'd have to deal with how screwed-up this country is, and they don't want that. The war -- and antiwar sentiment -- is the only thing that keeps people from noticing that the left has no idea how to run a capitalist society. They'll tell you that everyone should have this, and everyone should have that, and all for free -- without mentioning that you still have to pay for it. (Well, some of us have to pay for it -- and we have to pay for other people's, too!)

I read somewhere that Cindy Sheehan (the "peace mom" who said she wanted to go back in time and kill George Bush when he was a baby!) would run against Nancy Pelosi if the war didn't end. I can't wait, that race would be funny to see, because Sheehan might actually win -- far-left Dems have absolutely no loyalty if you disagree with them about anything -- look how quickly they turned on their old buddy Joe Lieberman to embrace filthy rich "I have only one talking point" Ned Lamont because Lieberman wasn't totally opposed to war (and Bush).

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