Friday, July 20, 2007

Girls, Please Stop Going Wild

Can I just say how much I despise the "Girls Gone Wild" commercials?

If you haven't seen them, then either you don't watch television or you're blind.

In one hour on Comedy Central, this commercial came up 8 times. The commercials are pretty pornographic, which in and of itself doesn't offend me.

In fact, quite the opposite.

I'm a normal heterosexual male, so the idea of pretty college girls getting naked and doing all sorts of filthy stuff is a pretty fun concept.

What bothers me, aside from the fact that the commercials are just so overplayed, is that the sheer number of these videos leads me to believe that there are just too many empty-headed sluts out there more than willing to be exploited.

People wonder why society is in such shambles, and I can't help but wonder if the fact that it's somehow become "hip" to be a dirty, nasty trollop has anything to do with it. It has to.

For years growing up, I was taught that I wasn't supposed to objectify women, that they were more than just sexual playthings. But, suddenly, now I'm being told the exact opposite.

I almost thank God that I'm not an adolescent in these times, because I would feel obligated to find all these girls that are going wild, and go wild with them.

Let's be honest -- women control how sexuality in society works. Men are always going to be pigs, that's just the way we are. Never going to change. What keeps the fabric of society in check is how many women reward that behavior by allowing it to work, to actually result in getting to "go wild."

If woman required men to at least hide their piggishness, society would at least look less debauched -- the filth would be behind closed doors where it belongs. But when there are thousands of girls just being, well, whores, that's what men are going to think women are now.

Where is NOW when it matters? Do they feel this crap empowers women?

The behavior in these videos is not only destructive to society, but I feel it promotes sexual abuse of women.

I don't think this stuff should be banned, and I'm not a prude -- but let's go back to treating smut as such, because to not do so will have only negative consequences.


Karen Olson said...

If you got up early, you might have seen Good Morning America this morning which had a segment about how there's a new movement afoot called Girls Gone Mild. There's some book titled that, and the fashion designers are actually making clothes now that cover women up a little more. It's about time.

What bothers me is that what I'm seeing in the teen department is in the little girl department AND the older women department.

I do not want my 10 year old daughter to wear belly baring, tight T shirts with low rise jeans. And as one of those "older" women, my choices are low rise sweats that say "Eat Me" on the butt or high-waisted elastic waist polyester slacks.

It's enough to make one's head explode.

Anonymous said...

Look at the positive. At least kids will know how to spell those two words in school - although there may be a limited number of times you can use 'Me Eat' in the essay portion of the CAPT.

elvis said...

It's women's fault because they allow men to act like the pigs they are.

Wait, what?

Al said...

Elvis ...

Yep. Think about it: In the game of "boy chases girl," the girl decides what behavior works, what behavior results in "getting the girl." If a guy acts like a pig and the girl responds to that and allows that bahvior to "work," then she is reinforcing that behavior as acceptable. If guys who act like pigs never actually scored, maybe it wouldn't be so prevalent. Just a theory.