Sunday, July 8, 2007

Smoke and Mirrors

Connecticut and many other states ban smoking in public places, including bars and restaurants.

Some say that smoking in such establishments is dangerous to non-smoking patrons and the employees of the establishment.

So? Smoking is certainly not a healthful activity, on that I think we can agree. But drinking is?

I agree that people should not smoke in public buildings. That's just consideration. If you smoke, you know that it doesn't smell really nice, and that stale smoke in a room is just foul. But I also know that I like to have a smoke if I'm at a bar having a few drinks. I also like to have a smoke after a good meal.

An establishment should have the choice to either be smoke-free, allow smoking, or be mixed. And, the last time I checked, people were still free to go where they want, and not go where they don't.

As for employees ... all jobs have hazards. If you feel strongly about secondhand smoke, then you should not look for work in a place where there will be secondhand smoke. It's all really voluntary, after all. I gave up teaching when I realized I didn't really like kids.

The simple fact that you can go out of your home and get drunk in public shows what a farce the whole idea of banning smoking is -- I'd rather have someone blow smoke in my face than hit me with a Buick.

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