Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Big Glass of Apple Whine

Here's a fun story ... people who rushed out and paid up to $600 for Apple's iPhone the day it came out are mad because about 2 months later, Apple has cut the price by $200.

Here's the story.

I think it's amusing, and I'm getting a kick out of these super-consumers' woe.

Look, the fact that these people ran to the store and plunked down $600 for a cell phone makes me question their intelligence right off the bat.

I like gadgets and cool stuff, too, but be realistic. What product -- cell phones, computers, MP3 players, cars -- hasn't dropped in price after the "first wave" of buyers?

And what's worse, these people are complaining because many of them are the "Apple faithful," meaning "silly people who worship anything Apple and have to be the first to own anything new from Apple."

If they're "faithful," then they had to have noticed at some point that this is what Apple -- and other companies -- do. They introduce a product amid massive hype, for a ridiculous price, and watch as thousands of people flock like sheep and spend all that money; then, as the sales dwindle, the company drops the price so that the people who actually had enough common sense not to spend $600 on a phone may buy the product.

And, by the way, even the new $400 price tag is still ridiculous, because you know in another 6 months you'll be able to get one for $250 through some cell phone provider promotion.

The article mentions the Motorola Razr phone as a product that went through similar price drops, and I have to testify to that: When it first came out people were paying a couple hundred dollars for the Razr. About 6 months later, I got one for free when I renewed my Verizon contract.

So, I have zero sympathy for the dopes who blew $600 on a phone so they could be part of the cool crowd that made headlines for 2 or 3 days.

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