Friday, September 7, 2007

Comcast Limits Unlimited Internet Service

Here's one that'll tick you off.

Comcast offers "unlimited" high-speed Internet access -- and it's expensive. I know, I use it.

But the evil part of this is that Comcast is now cutting access to users who "use too much" -- which is so funny, because if there's no limit, how can there be a limit?

I'm of the mindset that if Comcast wants to charge an arm and a leg for its service, it has the right to -- just like we have the right not to buy the service.

But, to sell "unlimited" service, and then complain that people use it too much, is ridiculous.

The only restriction that Comcast used to put on their Net service was that users couldn't then sell off their bandwidth to other people - common sense, no reselling of the product.

Now, to sell limited service while touting it as unlimited is, to me, false advertising, and should make Comcast vulnerable to legal action.

By the way, when I say expensive ... Comcast charges a minimum of $47 a month for it's "unlimited" high-speed access, and you have to be buying other services from them already to get that price (unless you can convince then to give you a bundle deal, which I found they will offer you if you call them to cancel your phone, Internet and digital cable!).

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