Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Use Israel to Solve Iran Crisis

Iran poses a serious problem to Muslim and non-Muslim nations alike. Here's a story.

Iran says its nuclear efforts are aimed at generating nuclear power, but at the same time it supports militant groups in Lebanon and Iraq with funds and weapons, and has stated that it holds an interest in securing power in Iraq.

Some people believe that Iran's efforts are geared more toward nuclear weaponry, which, because of the martyr mentality of radical Islam, would mean there would be a nation with nuclear weapons that does not have the sense not to use those weapons for fear of mutual destruction.

It's a simple case of nuclear-armed nations with different goals: some countries work toward maintaining life on earth, while others work toward attaining an afterlife. You have people who don't want to die, in a fight with people who do want to die as long as they kill many other people in the process.

How do you reason with someone whose actions are not based in reason?

It's easy when two nuclear-armed nations are in a quarrel if neither wants to die. Both will be more open to diplomacy to avoid death.

But, if your adversary thinks dying is actually victory, how do you proceed?

I would say the solution would be to kill your adversary before they have the ability to kill you.

What you don't do is wait for them to have the ability, which is what the rest of the world has been doing with Iran for more than a few years.

But, with the U.S. pussyfooting around in Afghanistan and Iraq for fear of looking like tyrants, there's no way to deal with Iran in a meaningful way, because the only way to go in Iran would be to get rid of the radicals while letting alone the democracy-minded folks there.

Here's my solution: Let -- or better yet, force -- Israel to destroy Iran. They have the ability, they have the motive, and they are already sworn enemies. Israel should have no qualms about doing this, because if Iran develops nuclear weapons, Israel is toast, and they know it.

Once Israel destroys Iran, it can do the same to Syria, who also may be working on nukes.

From there I'm not so sure. ... But I do believe that once the radicals in Iran are gone, things like Iraq and Afghanistan would be easier to deal with.

Just a thought.

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