Monday, September 10, 2007

Dems in Miami

Democratic presidential hopefuls were in Miami speaking about immigration.

Here is a UPI story about it.

It's interesting -- They all talked about how awful Bush and the GOP are when it comes to immigration, and how they further anti-immigrant sentiment, but none of them mentioned anything about illegal immigration, or how illegal immigration is illegal.

No, they skipped that part. Instead, they vowed to fight for immigration, which the U.S. already allows, and criticized Bush for politicizing the issue. (By the way, speaking about it at a campaign event, I guess, is how you don't politicize it.)

Anyway, it's a fun read. I like watching politicians suck up to people, it makes them look so foolish.

One of the funnier parts: John Edwards accused Bush of using “absolutely every tool available to him politically to divide this country.”

Hah! Like without Bush we'd be united? Like, without any Republicans around, the rest of us would forget how much we like speaking English and keeping the money we earn?

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