Monday, September 10, 2007

MTV -- Moron Television

Remember when MTV - Music Television - used to have music?

Now it's moronic shows that basically show people from the wading area of the gene pool doing dumb thing.

Well, the newest is another reality dating show. ... Except this time, a bisexual woman will choose from 16 guys and 16 lesbians.

Now, I'm not one for censorship, so whatever, go ahead. Doesn't interest me. But what I did find interesting was this:

Tony DiSanto, executive VP of series development and programming for MTV, said, "The show is a roller coaster ride of drama, conflict and emotion, busting stereotypes and challenging the norm—proving that the rules of attraction are made to be broken.”

Drama, conflict and emotion? Is this guy for real? It's about a bisexual chick who's going to hook up with someone. Wow, earth-shattering.

This is the kind of crap that makes us all look bad. I'm sorry, but someone's sexual ambiguity shouldn't make them famous.

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