Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More on Sen. Craig

So the embattled Sen. Craig of Idaho resigned Saturday, but maintains he did not take part in any sexual activity in an airport bathroom.

I'm still not sure what's going on -- he's playing the 'wrong place, wrong time' thing, saying he pleaded guilty to a minor offense in order to close the issue rather than have courtroom drama and publicity.

But I wasn't there, so I have no idea.

Interesting turn - his kids say they've asked him all about the incident, and say they believe he is innocent of wrongdoing. Here's a story.

I realize that family members' credibility has to be questioned because, after all, it's their dad. But I would imagine that if they thought he was guilty of the act they would just not say anything to the news. Unless Craig was lying to them, which you also have to consider. The kids could be telling what they believe to be the truth.

But I still find it humorous that some people who are criticizing Craig for "immoral" acts are the same people who defend immorality and sexually deviant behavior tooth and nail -- and who do all they can to remove expectations of morality from society -- as long as the deviants aren't Republicans.

I like to remove political affiliation and look at it with some plain sense: Cheating on your spouse is wrong, same-sex relations are weird, and lying always winds up to be more trouble than just being honest.

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